Sabina’s Guide to Hamburg

Working as a tour guide is a blast, many people come to me asking for recommendation on what to do, where to go, where to eat, drink etc. to help out and make everyone’s time in this city as enjoyable as possible I have put this document together. Living in an era of a global climate crisis I’m trying to create as little waste as possible, that’s why my list of recommendations is digital.


Here you can download this pdf. where you’ll find all the great things to do in Hamburg. Or scroll down for the list.

Sabina’s Guide to Hamburg

Download png here:



Or read through it on my blog post! 🙂

  • Viewing-points:

Elbtunnel: Walk down and over through the old tunnel from 1911 under the river Elbe. The perfect postcard skyline view awaits for you on the other side. (FREE).

ElbbrĂĽcken: Just get on the line U4 to the new terminus ElbbrĂĽcken. There you can expect spectacular views of the Elbphilharmonie, Michel and Elbe. Best sunset views over the river (FREE if you have a public transport day-ticket / 2,40EUR for one time trip).

  • Interesting places:

Gängeviertel: old houses + street art.

Altona – used to be a thriving Danish city of its own.

Sternschanze: counter-cultural centre of the city.

Blankenesse: winding alleys, captains’ homes, mansions and river views.

  • Boat-trips:

 Boat 62: Boarding at Pier 3. Leaves every 15 minutes until midnight. Aprox length of the journey is 1 hour.

(FREE if you have a public transport day-ticket / 2,40EUR for one time trip)

Boat 73: Take a look at the working part of the harbor. The ferry line from Pier 1 to Ernst-August lock and has 4 stations. Runs only on weekdays. (FREE if you have a public transport day-ticket / 2,40EUR for one time trip)

  • Things to do for FREE:

Botanical Garden (Tropenhaus): Great for a cold rainy day, get inside the tropical garden and enjoy the warmth while wandering and learning about plants around the globe.

Light Show: Daily between 11am and 6pm on each hour, the platform at the underground train station starts a spectacle of light and music. Stop U4 HafenCity Universität.

Fish Market: Sundays 7-10am. The hall opens early in the morning to welcome everyone. You will find all you need and don’t need; from beer and fish to live rock bands and fruit baskets.

BUS 111: the sightseeing bus line for Hamburg. From Altona, it’s along the Elbe towards HafenCity. great view of the container port, Reeperbahn and much more. (FREE if you have a public transport day-ticket / 2,40EUR for one time trip)

  • Non Permanent Entertainment:

 Hamburger DOM: an amusement park that comes to town 3 times a year. Food, fun and fantasy. With a firework every friday at 10.30pm

-Open:November 8th – December 8th / March 27nd – April 26th / June 24th – July 24th

Ice-skating: The biggest outdoor rink in Europe. Besids ice-skating, enjoy hot chocolate and warm snaks. In one of the most beautiful parks the city has to offer.

-Open: November 3rd – March 15th (10:00-22:00) / entry: Adult 6EUR +5 EUR shoe rental Student/child: 4,50EUR

  • Bars:

Sofa Bar: Make yourself very comfy on the antique sofas, relaxing vibes, nice music. Don’t be too late, it fills up fast!

Clouds: get amazed by the stunning rooftop cocktail bar overlooking the famous Reeperbahn.

The Rabbithole: Brown walls, dark wooden floors, perfect light moods, simple British style.

Jupi Bar: Pay what you think is fair bar.. sounds too go to be true. Well it exists. Not just a regular bar, but a bar with a concept. Don’t abuse the idea and pay acordingly 🙂


  • FOOD:


HappenPappen: Vegan made with love.

Pizza Bande : Vegan pizza to die for.489b8417afdb1f47a4860a28f384399bbe48e310_original

Loving Hut: All vegan Vietnamese food.


Bird – New York style bar & kitchen.

BOK Asia– Southeast Asian.

KOMBĂśSE– Mexican.


Gröninger: Traditional German beer brewery.

Oma’s Apotheke – Traditional German comfort food.

Zum Brandanfang – Traditional Hamburg style cuisine.


Underdocks: modern twist on old classics.

Karofisch: the best fish in Hamburg (cantina style).


Dulf’s Burger

Vincent Vegan

NOTE: most places in Hamburg have vegetarian and vegan options

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